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Entwined in Midgard

is the debut novel from


Nicola Dyson


Book One in the series Lova att Förena (Promise to Join), Entwined in Midgard is a fast paced fantasy set in parallel worlds, bringing Norse myths to life in a contemporary setting, delivering an entertaining mix of adventure, paranormal romance and humour.

Kara, 31 and single (very single), is in emotional meltdown when her dreams come true, meeting Frey (gorgeous and Swedish), instantly having a mutual attraction.

It is no chance encounter; Frey is an elite Warrior descended from Vanaheim and The Fates have brought them together for a reason.


Her world is turned upside down (all nine of them, apparently) as Kara is plunged into magic and myths of Norse legends, which she is expected to belong to and believe in.


With traitors in every realm conspiring to prevent their joining, a dark elf attempting to entice Kara with his bad boy charms and a moody Norn assigned as her guardian enforcing rules, can life get any more complicated?


Absolutely! As NOTHING can prepare Kara for the truth of who she really is… the power she has… or the choices she can make…


Even Gods should be careful what they wish for.