Main characters

Kara Eriksson


Raised and treasured by her grandparents after the death of her father, Kara has a strained relationship with her mother but a close bond with her cousin, Debbie, who affectionately calls her an ‘emotional retard’. Kara is a realist and quite happy in her own company, believing in ‘whatever gets you through’. However, this is tested to the limit when she reluctantly attends a party and meets Frey (her blond God), Nat (her dark Prince) and Zach (her moody antagonist). Each of them has secrets which will influence her life and future. Her world as she knows it will never be the same again.

Frey Silfverskjöld


Having inherited a powerful, magical shield amulet from his late father, Frey knows he is an elite Warrior descended from Vanaheim. From their first encounter, he knows Kara is the one who owns his heart and this is proven when she activates his shield and their unbreakable bond is made. Fiercely protective of Kara and aware of her insecurities, Frey finds it hard to contain his intense feelings towards her, especially where her friendship with Nat is concerned as he doesn’t trust Nat’s intentions. As a Vanir, Frey is a master of magic and sorcery and when he combines his shield together with his runes he produces powerful ‘trolleri’.

Nat Blackwood


From the realm of Svartalfheim, Nat is a troubled dark elf with conflicting loyalties. He, too, has an immediate attraction to Kara and even she can’t deny they have an inexplicable connection, only just resisting his bad boy charms and confiding in him. Nat seizes every opportunity to antagonise Frey and make him jealous and being a Svartalf, Nat has his own unique way of spellbinding and sometimes uses his dark side power to get his own way.



After her initial unpleasant encounter with Zach, Kara finds it hard to like him. Zach is a very rare male Norn, descended from The Fates and is very selective in what he chooses to disclose. As events unfold, Zach is burdened with being Kara’s protector and trainer which proves challenging, as she is not a willing pupil. He can guide her but is unable to interfere in her destiny. Known for his dour moods, Zach appears emotionless and uncaring but he hides his true feelings well.